Saturday, November 28, 2020


Do you fall short in your prayers? I know I do. There are days when I feel I should say more of them, and other days when I feel like I am talking to my Heavenly Father all day long. 

There is no right or wrong time to talk to him. I like to tell my children that Heavenly Father never sleeps, and is always available to listen to us. 

I have been known to pray while I am driving my car. I just talk out loud, and bare my soul to him. 

I will admit that I have been too tired to kneel, and at times have laid down to pray, and fallen asleep. It happens. 

It definitely is having a sincere heart when you are praying, and open mind, and to be willing to act upon whatever promptings you receive. 

The adversary will do his best every day to make sure you stray from the correct path. That is what makes him happy. Don’t give him the satisfaction. Don’t let him win. 

Today I Failed

Today was the first day I failed on my weight loss journey. I absolutely dislike myself right now, but I also know that I will be ok as well. 

Yes, I was very empty today, and I let it get to me. I am human after all, and I make mistakes. Today was something I unfortunately needed to experience. 

I will be fine. 

I have always been an emotional eater. Since I started my journey at the end of April I made up my mind that I was going to follow my plan to a tee. I would not deviate from it at all. I have stayed the course with the exception of birthdays. I still had cake for everyone’s birthday. I just never went back for seconds or had any the following days like I wound have done before. 

I have had a couple of times when I have had hard days, and was very tempted to grab something like a candy bar at the store, but I didn’t. I was doing well, and proud of my resolve. 

Needless to say I let the words of another get into my head, and I lost my resolve today. I dipped into the Christmas Crack that I made for my family the other day. 

The funny thing is I have been able to bake for them, and not have anything. That’s how good my resolve was. Today I was an emotional wreck. 

I had a couple of pieces. It was good. Oh so yummy, but I disliked myself immediately afterwards. 

I also know I needed to experience this in order to come out ahead. 

I know me, and I know my resolve. Tomorrow I will be fine, and back on plan. I WILL NOT let one day define me or break me, and set me back from what I have accomplished. I have lost 50 pounds.  I am better, and stronger than that. 

I will be fine. 

I know it is easier said than done, but don’t let the negative words of others define who you are. Don’t let them live in your head. Remember that tomorrow is another day, and do not let one little slip up derail your progress. 

You can and you will. You’ve got this. I’ve got this too. I am allowing myself grace for today, and tomorrow I will pick myself up and get right back to work. 


Do you fall short in your prayers? I know I do. There are days when I feel I should say more of them, and other days when I feel like I am t...