Wednesday, September 30, 2020

This recipe makes me happy

Years ago my Mother and Sister gave me a cookbook for one of my birthdays. There was a favorite bread recipe that I would make every week for my three young children at the time. 

We were an Army family and moved a lot. We lived in Germany, Barstow, California and also Hawaii. This recipe came with us everywhere. It was the best recipe for bread that I have ever found. 

I lost the cookbook that this recipe was in. It might still be packed in some boxes, but when I have looked for it I have been unable to find it. Trust me when I say that I have tried. 

This made me sad.......Until this morning. 

I sit with a friend every Wednesday morning. Just to make sure she is ok, and it gives her husband peace of mind when he leaves the house for a few hours. When I walked into their kitchen this morning they had a copy of the very cookbook that I have lost and been looking for. I asked if I could look for the recipe, and voila I found it. I was silently doing a happy dance. 

I knew all of the ingredients, and even the procedures by heart, but I could not remember the measurements or the temperature to cook the bread. So, now I will be able to make this recipe for my family again. 

The recipe calls for a glaze at the end. The only thing I did differently with this was use melted butter instead of the glaze. It always gave the bread a slight salty flavor on the crust, but in a good way. 

Oh, I can’t wait to make this again. Yes, I even knead it with my hands. This is pure joy. If you try it let me know how you like it. 

Daily Affirmations for September 30, 2020

You absolutely have the freedom. Enjoy all the beauty that is in this life. You deserve nothing but the best. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Daily Affirmations for September 29, 2020

 I deserve everything that is offered to me.....

You do. You are worthy of so much. Don't settle for anything less. You deserve the best in life. Don't sell yourself short. You are wonderful.

Welcome to my Blog....

 Hi, and WELCOME to my BLOG....

My name is Violet, and I have a love for all things. I am constantly trying to stay busy with one thing or another. Some people say that I need to pick just one thing and stay with it. I just can't though. So, on my blog you will see things like my children, my hobbies, my businesses and such.

First and foremost I am a Mother to 5 children. 4 boys and 1 girl ranging in age from 37 to 14. Yeah...I know. I was having kids for 24 years...or so it seems like it anyway. Well, I was. I had my first child at the age of 16 and my last one at the age of 40. Man, I'm tired just thinking about it.

I will go into more detail about my children later on. I don't want to bore you from the start. Haha. 

I have been married for 20 years. Yay me, right....The first marriage lasted 11 years. While I am sad that it ended, I can't dwell on the past. I just need to make a better me, and learn from the mistakes that have been made.

So, this quarantine has been a blessing for me. I have been able to take a much needed break, and get the rest that I was needing. I am still tired. I think that is a given, but I am getting better every day.

I have always wanted to be a Health Coach, and had looked into it for a while. To be honest I just didn't have the time and even more honest the money to invest in the courses that I found. I saw a friend losing weight, and become a Health Coach and asked her how she did it. I was curious. I wanted to learn more. Well, fast forward...That is what I did at the start of quarantine. I took advantage of the free time that I had, and became one. I am now certified, and would love to help as many people as I can to get healthy and lose some weight one healthy habit at a time. I would absolutely love to set up a health assessment for you to see if the program I have to offer is a good fit for you. Hit me up if you are interested. 

Secondly I sell jewelry....Vintage, modern, and shabby chic...Take a look, and tell me what you think.

Oh my goodness....I sell the most wonderful nail strips imaginable. I can't say enough good things about them. They last up to 14 days. Just put them on and you are ready to go. No dry time at all. We have glitter, solids, and patterns galore. Did I mention glitter? What girl doesn't love glitter? Get yours here.

Lastly, or maybe not...I don't know anymore as I am always trying to find something to stay busy. I sell t-shirts. Say what??? Yep, and right now we have our Halloween Collection front and center. Check them out and tell me what you think. Scary, right

Anyway, I am here to inspire you as I believe that we should lift everyone up and not tear people down. Words hurt, and if I can make just one person smile per day than I have done a good job.


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