Monday, October 19, 2020

Book Review...Witch and Wizard


This was book number 14 for the year for me.

It starts off where two teenagers Whit and Wisty are taken in the middle of the night by the New Order. They are tried and condemned for being a witch and wizard which they knew nothing about. They are thrown in jail.

They eventually escape with the help of Whit's girlfriend who has since passed on to the Underworld, but guides them to the safe place inside of a department store where all of the kids who have not been captured are staying.

They form a plan to help the other children escape from the jail which requires them to go back into the prison.

Wisty turns herself into a mouse to gain entry into the jail where she quickly sets herself on fire and sets the fire alarm off which allows the jail doors to open and the children escape.

Whit drives the car for all of the children to get back to the safety of the department store.

All the while this is happening they are both looking for their parents. They don't know if they are alive or dead, but see billboard signs with their pictures posted all over for their capture.

The whole premise is that kids are evil, and should be executed on their 18th birthday. But in the end it is the kids who end up ruling the world.

It was a fair book. It kept the flow, and made me want to keep reading, but my personal preference is to not read books that have children as the main character.

Not a bad book though.

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